Designing your own Window Backgrounds

Got a yen to customize your ComicBase? You can actually add your own window backdrops for a radically new look to your copy of ComicBase.

Have a look in your C:\Program Files\Human Computing\ComicBase 11\Program Data\Backgrounds folder to see a list of all the built-in backgrounds for ComicBase. These are all just regular JPEG (.jpg) files, and you can open the up and play with them in Photoshop (or your graphics program of choice).

You can also add your own backgrounds: Just make sure they’re sized to 1600 x 1200 pixels, and make two copies of the files: one is used as the background for the main ComicBase window, and the second (whose name should be the same as the first, except with a "_2" at the end) is used for all other windows.

As an example , I scanned in a Judge Dredd cover from 2000 A.D., sized it to 1600 x 1200. I also lightened up and colorized the image so it will make a better backdrop. I then saved saved it in my Backgrounds folder as "Dredd", and again as "Dredd_2". Now, when I launch ComicBase and choose Edit > Window Color, I get a new menu choice: "Dredd". Choosing it gives my ComicBase a brand new look: