Quick Change

The Quick Change command is a fast way to set the value of a single field for one or more issues. For instance, you can select a run of Batman comics you bought on sale at your local store, and mark that you paid $2 each for them, or that you'd like to mark them all as "For Sale" on Atomic Avenue:

To use Quick Change:

  1. Select one or more items by clicking in their row-selection (far-left) column in Grid view; or by highlighting the desired items in Album view
  2. Right-click on the items and choose "Quick Change" from the context menu, or use Edit > Quick Change (Ctrl-G) to bring up the Quick Change dialog
  3. Choose the field you'd like to change (here, "For Sale") has been chosen
  4. Quick Change
    Quick Change
  5. Select the value you'd like to change this field to for the selected items. For certain fields (e.g. Condition) additional options will appear (e.g. to change the item's price in response to the change in its condition).
  6. Click the "Make Changes" button to perform the changes.

Changing More than One Field Using Quick Change

Using Quick Change doesn't change which items were selected, so if you want to change more than one field for the selected items (e.g. to set all the selected items as having qty in stock of 1, and also that they cost $1), just use Quick Change to change the first field (Qty in Stock), then immediately use Quick Change again (or press Ctrl-G) to select and change the next field (Cost).