ComicBase 19.4.5 Now Available

This updater cleans up a glitch in creating the path to for store log files which we inadvertently introduced in Sidekick 19.4.4 (but which only affected computers which hadn't had Sidekick on it before), and changes the exported basic collection report to show the graded value of each item, instead of the NM value. If you've been affected by either of these issues, please download the update and tell us what you think at 
At last!

New ComicBase Mobile App for iOS and Android

ComicBase Mobile -- a new native app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet -- is now available in the iTunes and Google Play store. This new app allows you to see a summary of your collection's value (as well as how it's changing over time), view your mobile reports, and even lookup current values and add new issues to your collection while you're on the go--either by typing in the item, or using your device's camera as a barcode scanner.

The new app is free, but requires ComicBase Professional or Archive Edition with a current update subscription. Check out our latest newsletter for all the details!

ComicBase 2017 Director's Cut Arrives

Just Released! The new ComicBase 2017 "Director's Cut" Editions!

This brand new pressing features over 180,000 new comic listings, an Archive Edition with over 150,000 new comic covers, expanded Windows 10 and 4K monitor support, as well as greatly improved database management and recovery capabilities. It also includes a fully updated database with over 1 million price and content updates since ComicBase 2017's initial release. 

Available now as a free update for registered ComicBase 2017 users with a current update subscription. Check out the link above to grab the appropriate updater, or renew your subscription to get your copy today.

ComicBase 19.4.4 Now Available — Featuring Support for the new ComicBase Mobile App

Sidekick learned several new tricks with this latest beta, featuring much quicker and smaller backups, as well as the ability to update collection stats in conjunction with the new ComicBase Mobile app whenever you use Sidekick to check for updates. We also  just did a slight update just now raising the version to 19.4.4, fixing one late-breaking glitch. 

Note: if you have any previous updaters installed, you'll need to uninstall those first (under Add and Remove Programs) before installing the new beta. This won't affect your ComicBase data.

ComicBase Archive Edition Passes 600,000 Covers

The mighty ComicBase Archive Edition just passed another massive milestone: over 600,000 comic cover images are now included in the new, 4-DVD pressing. We've also updated our downloadable Archive Edition images for those who don't have an optical drive on their computer (although we'd definitely steer you to ordering a physical copy if your computer does have one, as it's a big download!)

Blu-Ray Archive Edition users can also look forward to their quarterly update disk shipping this week, featuring all 602,140 images at the highest possible quality on a 50GB Blu-ray Disc.

Pro Tips for Shipping Comics

One of the best features in ComicBase is that it make it really easy to sell your comics on Atomic Avenue. But once those orders start rolling in, it’ll be up to you to pack your books so that they get to their new home in the same condition they left yours. With this video, we show off some helpful tips to make the shipping process a breeze.
Road Trip!

ComicBase 2015: New Features and Mobile App Intro Video

Pete and Neil hit the road to show off some of the cool new stuff in ComicBase 2015, including the new Mobile Web App. Special thanks to Lee's Comics for letting us film the mobile section in their fabulous Mountain View store.

July ComicBase Confidential

Check out the latest edition of ComicBase Confidential with our latest sales trends, news of Comic Con, and a clever conundrum for your reading pleasure!

ComicBase Tips #3: Pricing

In the latest ComicBase Tip, ComicBase creator Pete Bickford gets down to brass tacks, telling you how ComicBase can help you figure out the value of your collection, and giving some great tips for insuring and analyzing your collection. He even explains what those goofy red and blue rows are in ComicBase.