ComicBase Livestream #25: Special Viewer Questions Edition

We've got big things afoot here at ComicBase central, but we're taking a break from the madness to have a special viewer questions livestream--featuring your host, a sleep-deprived Pete Bickford! Ask him (nearly) anything about comics and ComicBase, and he'll do his over-caffeinated best to answer coherently.

ComicBase Livestream #24: Quick! To the Livestream!

Riddle me this: What's (about) an hour long and full of viewer questions? It's the ComicBase Livestream!

Join us at 4 Central to finally get the answer to that nagging question you've had about comics, collecting, or computers that's been driving you up the wall. We'll also be sharing the latest ComicBase news, and finally giving an answer to what the heck's happening with that big box of graphic novels that's been sitting behind Pete for the past month!

ComicBase Livestream #23: Future Visions

Let's talk about the future! Tune in to this week's livestream as we talk about future plans, and get your take on some ideas so new that even _we_ don't know how we feel about them yet!

ComicBase Livestream #21: Splitsville for DC and UCS

It was mere months ago when DC parted ways with Diamond Comic Distribution, and now they're splitting up with one of the two companies slated as replacements. What does this mean for you -- and your local comic store? We'll talk about this and much more with this week's podcast. (And, of course, answer your questions!)

ComicBase Livestream #20: Dealing with Variants

...or should that be Livestream #20/A? We'll be breaking down the whole deal with variants: what are they all about, what part of the market do they make up today, and how do we manage and value them all? We'll be going into both the underlying market for variants, as well as talking about how ComicBase approaches and manages them--and taking your questions!
LIVE Wednesday at 4pm Central!

ComicBase Livestream #19: Manufacturing Collectibles

From Pressing to Slabbing to "Certified Signatures" -- we'll be looking at the big money world of grading, polishing, and restoring comics -- and what it means both for you and for the future of comic collecting.
LIVE Wednesday at 4pm Central!

ComicBase Livestream #18: Pros & Fans

Are comics pros duty-bound to do signings? Is it OK for fans to ask pros to give them a free sketch? And what does an amateur give up when they decide to make a living in their chosen art form? In this livestream, we'll be taking a look at what it means to be a pro -- not just in comics, but in any professional field. And for both pros and fans, what are the unwritten--but unbreakable--rules of the game?

ComicBase Livestream #17: What's a Signature Worth?

Does paying north of $200 to get a "Certified signature" on a comic book make any sense? Beyond just contemplating whether signing a comic could cause it to sell at a higher price, join the Livestream as we get into the deeper questions of what you're really buying when you buy a signed a collectible--and what its true worth is.

Join us Wednesday at 4pm Central as we discuss -- and check out our YouTube channel for other livestreams and tips!
LIVE Wednesday at 4pm Central!

ComicBase Livestream #16: Get to the Livestream!

Join ComicBase creator Pete Bickford for the weekly ComicBase livestream, where we'll share news, tips, and lots of inside knowledge--AND answer your questions live!