The Huge ComicBase Holiday Sale is On!

It's the legendary ComicBase Holiday Sale! Our biggest savings of the year on everything we sell--you can even upgrade to the $299.95 ComicBase Archive Edition for as little as $99.95! ($149.95 from ComicBase Express). It's the perfect Christmas gift for the serious comic book fan!

Hot Off The Presses: The Q4 Blu-Ray Update with 611,000+ Comic Covers!

Our top-of-the-line ComicBase Blu-Ray Archive Edition includes our entire art library of comic covers at their highest possible quality--and also comes with quarterly updates shipped out on 50GB Blu-Ray Disc.

We just released the latest update, featuring the brand new Director's Cut version of the program, as well as the covers to over 611,000 comics--with an ever-increasing percentage at full 4K resolution. If you're a Blu-Ray Archive Edition subscriber, watch your mail: the quarterly updates just hit the post office and should be arriving in the next few days!

ComicBase 2017 Director's Cut Arrives

Just Released! The new ComicBase 2017 "Director's Cut" Editions!

This brand new pressing features over 180,000 new comic listings, an Archive Edition with over 150,000 new comic covers, expanded Windows 10 and 4K monitor support, as well as greatly improved database management and recovery capabilities. It also includes a fully updated database with over 1 million price and content updates since ComicBase 2017's initial release. 

Available now as a free update for registered ComicBase 2017 users with a current update subscription. Check out the link above to grab the appropriate updater, or renew your subscription to get your copy today.

ComicBase 2017 v19.3 Released

The new updater brings numerous improvements to Sidekick's performance and stability, adds Grading Notes and Lock Price import, and introduces a modernized server architecture for processing update information. Grab it now in our Updates section and let us know what you think.

Note: If you've installed any previous ComicBase 2017 updaters, you'll want to use the Add & Remove Programs control panel to uninstall them before installing this update--this won't affect your data.

ComicBase Archive Edition Passes 600,000 Covers

The mighty ComicBase Archive Edition just passed another massive milestone: over 600,000 comic cover images are now included in the new, 4-DVD pressing. We've also updated our downloadable Archive Edition images for those who don't have an optical drive on their computer (although we'd definitely steer you to ordering a physical copy if your computer does have one, as it's a big download!)

Blu-Ray Archive Edition users can also look forward to their quarterly update disk shipping this week, featuring all 602,140 images at the highest possible quality on a 50GB Blu-ray Disc.

Pro Tips for Shipping Comics

One of the best features in ComicBase is that it make it really easy to sell your comics on Atomic Avenue. But once those orders start rolling in, it’ll be up to you to pack your books so that they get to their new home in the same condition they left yours. With this video, we show off some helpful tips to make the shipping process a breeze.
Road Trip!

ComicBase 2015: New Features and Mobile App Intro Video

Pete and Neil hit the road to show off some of the cool new stuff in ComicBase 2015, including the new Mobile Web App. Special thanks to Lee's Comics for letting us film the mobile section in their fabulous Mountain View store.

July ComicBase Confidential

Check out the latest edition of ComicBase Confidential with our latest sales trends, news of Comic Con, and a clever conundrum for your reading pleasure!