The World’s #1 Program for Managing Comic Collections

ComicBase takes the work out of managing even the largest comic collections by combining lightning-fast collection entry and professional collection-management features with built-in listings and pricing for virtually every comic published in the English language since the late 1800s, as well as foreign comics.

Entering your own collection is as easy as looking up your comics in the comprehensive built-in database of comics and noting your quantities, conditions, or other information important to you. ComicBase takes care of calculating your collection’s value, printing collection reports and checklists—even insurance reports, comic identification labels, and price labels.

Best yet, every full edition of ComicBase comes with a free year of price and issue updates to keep your collection updated with new releases and values based on actual market data.

The World of Comics at your Fingertips

  • Built-in database with details and current values for over one million comics
    (plus over 3 million books, magazines, and newspapers!)
  • Complete notes and information tell you why each comic is important and what it’s worth
  • Includes nearly every English-language comic book published since 1879
  • Includes hundreds of thousands of foreign comics
  • Search by character, creator, origins, storylines, and more

Handle your Collection with Ease

  • Look up comics by typing the first few letters of their name—or use a barcode scanner for lightning-fast entry!
  • Single-key data entry lets you enter whole runs of comics at once
  • Real-world, continually updated market prices for each comic let you immediately know your collection’s value
  • Innovative Grading Wizard allows you to grade your comics like a professional
  • Handles variants, multiple printings, special comic types, and CGC-graded comics

Professional-strength Collection Management

  • Prints collection value reports, price lists, issue checklists—even comic identification and price labels
  • Collection Statistics report gives you a concise breakdown of your collection’s value—perfect for insurance
  • Collection breakdowns and charts by publisher, era, price range, and more
  • View your collection on almost any smart device—including iPhones, iPads, as well as Android and Windows phones and tablets (Pro, Archive Editions)

Find the ComicBase That’s Right for You

About how many comics do you own?*
*Standard comic "long boxes" hold about 200 bagged/boarded comics; "short boxes" hold about 150.

    • Free demo version
    • Handles up to 500 comics
    • Can post comics for sale on Atomic Avenue

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    • Built-in prices and basic information on over one million comics
    • Track comic collections of unlimited size
    • Includes a year of free weekly price and issue updates to keep your collection current

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    NEW $ 69 95
    Upgrade from $59.95

    • All the features of Express, PLUS:
    • Notes, price histories and extensive creator credits
    • Advanced barcode support to enter your books fast
    • Custom fields let you track the information that’s important to you
    • Mobile support lets you view your collection on any smart phone or tablet

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    NEW $ 159 95
    Upgrade from $69.95

    • All the features of Professional, PLUS:
    • over 950,000 covers on 4 DVDs (most full-size, high-definition images) make comic and variant identification easy
    • Ability to download new, full-size covers each week to keep your collection current.
    • Amazing ComicBase Cover Gallery Screen Saver

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    NEW $299 95
    Upgrade from $149.95   $129.95

    • All the features of the Archive Edition, PLUS:
    • over 950,000 cover images at the highest quality possible on 2-Blu-ray Discs (or digital download)
    • Ability to download new covers at up to 4K Ultra High-Definition resolution

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    NEW $359 95
    Upgrade from $159.95   $139.95

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