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Human Computing is a privately held software development and consulting firm with offices in San Jose, California as well as the Franklin/Nashville area in Tennessee. It was established in 1991 by human interface designer Peter Bickford, a nine-year veteran of Apple Computer where he served as Senior Scientist for Human Interface, and aided in the design of over three hundred Apple and third-party products. Bickford is the author of over fifty articles on Human Interface for Apple’s developer newsletter Apple Directions, and is the the author of the book, Human Interface Design (Addison-Wesley, 1997).

Human Computing is dedicated to two goals: making it easier for people to use computer technology to get things done, and making computers themselves more fun.

We achieve the first goal through our human interface and software consultancy services. Our clients have included IBM, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Case, Pioneer Hybrid, and numerous web companies. Our projects have ranged from interface reviews of client-server systems to multimedia programming and design.

In 1992, we began work on what has become our flagship software product, ComicBase. Originally designed as a multimedia-oriented database for comic collectors, it has grown into the premier reference and inventory program for serious collectors.

ComicBase now includes art and descriptions for over one million individual comics, plus current values and historical values of individual comics—and more are being added everyday. The latest version also includes clips and previews of comic-book related movies and internet links to comic book publisher's websites.

In August 1999, we announced a joint venture with the newspaper of the comic book industry, Comics Buyer's Guide. Among other projects, we've combined our price guides information toward what will be the largest, most comprehensive database of comic information ever published. With the addition of ComicBase's pricing research and experience, the two companies have worked to produce the most accurate, reliable source of information available to comic collectors.

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