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Thursday, December 1, 2022 4:36:28 PM

Titles: 68,254
Comics: 1,040,759
Publishers: 8,203

Total value of comics listed: $78,210,872.00


  • Information and actual market pricing for over one million comics—virtually every English-language comic published since 1878. Foreign comics too!
  • Weekly content and price updates based on actual market values—keep you up to date with the latest information.
  • New: Enhanced variant handling with a new item description field and the ability to handle hundreds of variants for a single issue
  • New: Getting Started wizard sets up the most important program options with just a few clicks.
  • New: Dark themes give your collection a bold, modern look
  • Over 875,000 full-color covers for Archive Edition users—plus new cover downloading. A crucial aid to variant identification, as well as an amazing visual reference.
  • Quick Start for Archive Edition lets you get going with a tiny fraction of the download time and disk space previously required
  • New: Find and Replace lets you easily make changes across the entire database
  • Go beyond comics: ComicBase 2023 now lets you manage your book, magazine, and newspaper collections too!
  • Works with the free ComicBase Mobile app for iOS and Android to let you view your collection and add new purchases from your phone or tablet! (*Pro and Archive editions)
  • Integrates with Atomic Avenue to let you locate hard-to-find comics; also sell comics only with your own online store!
  • Compatible with Windows 8 and later, including Windows 10 and Windows 11.


These great folks are making ComicBase even better by sending in new information and pictures using ComicBase's Submit New or Corrected Data command. You can help too! Get one point for each new picture submitted, or correction/addition accepted.

Name Pts.
1. Andre JCC Bouchard 2,238,532
2. Frank Colasurdo 930,033
3. Robert Wood 492,779
4. Aaron Stile 321,189
5. Barry John Shepherd 202,251
6. Moshe Leimberg 141,167
7. Douglas W. McCratic 84,730
8. Brian J. Stewart 70,625
9. Steven L. Dasinger 69,163

New Version!

Introducing ComicBase 2023!

Introducing the most comprehensive, powerful, and easiest-to-use ComicBase ever!

Along with an unprecedented amount of new content and completely updated pricing, ComicBase 2023 was completely overhauled on a technical level to give you new levels of performance, and to unlock the full capabilities of modern computers. It also adds a bevy of great new features to make managing your collection easier, give you new insights on your comic sales, and better tailor its incredible database of information to your own needs.

Live Wednesday at 4:00pm Central!

ComicBase Livestream #112: Burning Down the House

Even the best prepared amongst us us can face computer woes, and this past week, we faced own technological torment, courtesy of a misbehaving RAM module that temporarily took out one of our key servers. We'll share the whole sordid story, as well as what you can do to limit the problems in your own life when (and it's always "when", not "if") your computer decides to pack it in on you. 

And, on a lighter note, we'll also be talking about the latest ComicBase news, and answering your questions live. Join us there for all of it!

ComicBase Livestream #111: Thanksgiving Tech Tip Extravaganza

ComicBase 2023's big quarterly update has just dropped, and ComicBase creator Pete Bickford is here to share his favorite tips to help you make the most of it. Plus! important ComicBase and tech news, as well as your questions answered live. Join us Wednesday at 4pm central to get in on the action!

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ComicBase 2023 Q4 Update Now Available For Download

Our big Q4 update is now available! The new version brings faster scrolling, improvements to sales reporting, new keyboard shortcuts, and so much more. See the link above for a full list of what's new, and download it today by using ComicBase's Internet > Check for Updates command. Enjoy!

ComicBase Livestream: The Number of Variants is INSANE!

Ever get the feeling that for every regular comic in your local comic shop, there's about a zillion other variant copies? We've done a deep dredge of US comic publishing history since 1935 and we'll be sharing the stunning data about exactly how much of the comics market has been taken over by variant madness. PLUS! New Windows Tech Tips, ComicBase and Atomic Avenue Updates, and your questions--answered live!

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“Caps for Comic Software” Discounts for Active Duty Military Personnel

As a way of saying “Thanks!” to our active duty military personnel, we’re reprising our famous “Caps for Comic Software’ program. Basically, you send us a cap (or coin) from your unit, and we’ll give you a massive discount on ComicBase. (Heck, if you folks are willing to lay it on the line, the least we can do is help you keep your comics in order!)

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