Current Official Version:
ComicBase 2021 (v21.0.1)
Latest Interim Build:
Last Content Update:
Thursday, March 4, 2021 12:33:56 PM

Titles: 61,607
Comics: 910,409
Publishers: 6,967

Total value of comics listed: $41,127,860.00


  • Information and actual market pricing for over 900,000 comics—virtually every English-language comic published since 1878. Foreign comics too!
  • Weekly content and price updates based on actual market values—keep you up to date with the latest information.
  • Go beyond comics: ComicBase 2021 now lets you manage your book and magazine collections too!
  • Works with the free ComicBase Mobile app for iOS and Android to let you view your collection and add new purchases from your phone or tablet! (*Pro and Archive editions)
  • New: Track your collection's value better than ever before with new Collection Value Graph, Top Gainers and Losers report, "Most Valuable" report and more.
  • New: "Wanted" report helps you track down those elusaive items you've been searching for.
  • Over 675,000 full-color covers on 4 DVDs + real-time cover downloading for Archive Edition users. A crucial aid to variant identification, as well as an amazing visual reference.
  • New: Archive Edition users can now download pristine cover images for new and old comics at up to 4K resolution.
  • New: ComicBase Cover Gallery screensaver gives Archive Edition users a fascinating and ever-changing view of the world of comics.
  • New: Psychic Typing 2.0 lets you enter creators, stories, and characters faster than ever!
  • Integrates with Atomic Avenue to let you locate hard-to-find comics; also sell comics only with your own online store!
  • Compatible with Windows 8 and later, including Windows 10.


These great folks are making ComicBase even better by sending in new information and pictures using ComicBase's Submit New or Corrected Data command. You can help too! Get one point for each new picture submitted, or correction/addition accepted.

Name Pts.
1. Frank Colasurdo 670,497
2. Robert Wood 365,599
3. Barry John Shepherd 202,125
4. Moshe Leimberg 135,198
5. Douglas W. McCratic 74,431
7. Steven L. Dasinger 51,022
8. Corey M. Dvorkin 43,665
9. Lyle Brown 42,572
10. Richard Wiedmayer 39,637

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