Thursday, December 8, 2022

Macintosh Updates

Important information for the Macintosh Updates:

  • Some vesions of Netscape Navigator have a bug which can cause it to not properly recognize these files as downloads. To circumvent this, download the files by clicking and holding on the name of the file you’re downloading. Then, when a menu appears, choose “Save this link as...”
  • Most of these files require Stuffit Expander 5.1 or later to decompress. Earlier versions may erroneously report the files as corrupted after downloading.

ComicBase 7.0.1 (Mac) Updater (160 K)
Changes new issue defaults in ComicBase 7.0, and adds auto-incrementing of issue month when creating new issues.

ComicBase 6.0.4 (Mac) Updater
(228 K)
New revision to make "Sell" compatible with new changes to our web server, and with MacOS X.

Works around an incompatibility problem affecting Macs with 1 GB of RAM. Adds the ability to play movies whose names are numbers (i.e. "300") from their title's page, and changes the name of the "Sin City" movie to "Sin City (Dark Horse)" so that it appears when you go to that title. Also, addresses a compatability issue which could make the progress bar stay onscreen after doing a quick change, as well as a few other bugs and features.

Most importantly, ComicBase 6.0.1 adds the ability to accept content updates over the web. Two new movies are posted as well as content fixes for July: after updating to 6.0.1, check for updates again and they'll appear.

ComicBase 5.0.2 (Mac) Updater (248 K)
Adds compatibility with MacOS 9.1,fixes the sizing of movie previews, handles pictures copied from the CDs to your hard disk better, and fixes the Remove Mature Readers Titles feature.

ComicBase 4.0.3 (Mac) Updater
Fixes Quick Change for marked issues and price, improves the way Mass Change does price changes, and fixes a glitch that can occur when printing found comics. Find Comics now also lets you search amongst the issues you have in stock-- not just the titles in stock. 

ComicBase 3.0.4 (Mac) Updater (159 K)
Improves ComicBase's handling of issue #1,000,000 books, adds Quick Change for Artist and Writer info, fixes a bug in Export Price List and Find Comics report printing, and improves the appearance of ComicBase under System 8. 

ComicBase 3.0 (Mac) Updater (723 K)
Fixes a problem which could confuse the old updater, causing it to create many blank records after each title, bloating the updated ComicBase and taking extra hours to complete.

ComicBase 2.0.2 (Mac) Updater (40 K)
Updates version 2.0.1 of ComicBase. Fixes a problem which prevents Export Price List from working properly. Make sure you've updated your ComicBase to version 2.0.1 before using this updater.

ComicBase 1.3.1 (Mac) Updater (45 K)
Updates version 1.3 of ComicBase. This updater fixes a memory problem that sometimes resulted in reports stopping after the first page, with an "Error in Header" or other message. After downloading, launch your copy of ComicBase, then choose the Setup menu's "Install ComicBase Update" command to make the fix.

ComicBase 1.2.2 (Mac) Updater (114 K)
A bug fix version for users of ComicBase versions 1.2 and 1.2.1.