Thursday, October 21, 2021


ComicBase Updates for Windows

Current Version
Betas and Testing

Please send comments (good or bad) about these builds to

ComicBase Index Utility

This utility can be used to force a rebuild of the issues indexes in ComicBase. If those indexes have been damaged, calculating ComicBase Statistics can be extremely slow, often resulting in "Resources exceeded" messages. Using this utility will rebuild those indexes without affecting your collection's data.

ComicBase Professional/Archive Edition 16.0.1 Updater -- BETA

(Build 62, 5.2MB)

ComicBase Express 16.0.1 Updater -- BETA

(Build 10, 5.2MB)


The above updates require a previous full install of ComicBase 16 or ComicBase 16 Express to function. If you’re using a version earlier than ComicBase 16, download the full installer (or renew/upgrade) using the links on the Registrations page before using these updaters.

Note: These program betas currently lack the ability to make a New Database (File > New Database) command, since they do not include the ComicBase database in the new format. If you need this feature, do not install these beta until the final updates are released


To install:

  1. Exit ComicBase if open
  2. Download and open the updater.
  3. Copy the enclosed ComicBase 16 file into your [Program Files] (or Program Files (x86) on 64 bit systems)\Human Computing\ComicBase 16 folder.

If you installed ComicBase in a location other than the default ([Program Files]\Human Computing\ComicBase 16), make sure you change the install location to the location where you’ve installed your current copy of ComicBase.


Changes from ComicBase 16.0.1: