Thursday, October 21, 2021


ComicBase Updates for Windows

Current Version
Older Versions


Special Note:

Due to technical issues (in particular, the rapid approach of a pair of year and title limits that nobody — even us — thought we’d ever reach when we created the first version of ComicBase way back in 1992), you’ll need to upgrade to ComicBase 14.1 or later in order to receive updates and work with the ever-incresing number of titles ComicBase.

If you‘re using an older version of ComicBase, and have a current subscription, you can download ComicBase 14 for free directly from your Registrations page.

Upgrade specials have been extended through December 1st for anyone needing to renew their subscription. If you need assistance, please contact us at 408/266-6883


ComicBase Professional/Archive Edition 15.0.1 Update (New!)

(NEW! Build 201, 5.38 MB)

To use:

1. Exit ComicBase, if you've got it open.

2. Unzip the file and place it into your [Program Files]\Human Computing\ComicBase 15 folder, replacing your existing ComicBase 15.exe file.


ComicBase Professional/Archive Edition 14.1.1 Updater

(Build 112, 6 MB)

ComicBase Express 14.1.1 Updater

(Build 112, 6 MB)


The above updates require a previous full install of ComicBase 14 to function. If you’re using a version earlier than ComicBase 14, download the full installer (or renew/upgrade) using the links on the Registrations page before using these updaters.


To install:

Exit ComicBase if open, then download and run the appropriate updater for your edition of ComicBase above.

If you installed ComicBase in a location other than the default ([Program Files]\Human Computing\ComicBase 14), make sure you change the install location to the location where you’ve installed your current copy of ComicBase.


Changes from ComicBase 14.0.2:

ComicBase Atlas Updaters

Important Note: These updaters require ComicBase Atlas (a.k.a. ComicBase 12.1). Attempting to use this updater before you’ve installed ComicBase Atlas may lead to unpredictable results, most of which are bad. If you have a current ComicBase subscription you can download the current version of ComicBase using the download link found at under My Account > Registrations.

ComicBase Atlas 12.1.3 Updater (Requires ComicBase Atlas)

- For ComicBase Professional/Archive Editions (5.1 MB)

- For ComicBase Express Edition (8.4 MB)


ComicBase 12 Updaters


ComicBase Professional/Archive 12.0.4 (14 MB)

New feature: Allows sellers to post their collections for sale while offering free shipping on amounts on or over a certain limit.

ComicBase Express 12.0.4 (14 MB)

New feature: Allows sellers to post their collections for sale while offering free shipping on amounts on or over a certain limit.

ComicBase 11 Updaters

ComicBase Professional/Archive 11.1.2 Updater (2.7 MB)

Adds compatibility with Windows Vista, plus support for Atomic Avenue. Adds support for PGX and restored CGC grades (requires a reset of your conditions to see these new grades), Also adds one major feature: the ability to “normalize conditions” of books when selling so that half-graded books (e.g. VF+) automatically get posted to Atomic Avenue as the next lowest full grade (e.g. VF), with note of the original grade made in the item’s notes, and the original selling price preserved.

This version also uses a more “Vista-friendly” set of locations for storing its various files. As an update to a previous install of ComicBase 11, this is evident only in a change to the default locations of pictures, databases, etc. It should automatically pick up on the current locations of these files if 11 has already been installed and use them where they stand.


ComicBase Express Update 11.1 (2.73 MB)
Adds compatibility with Windows Vista, plus support for Atomic Avenue.


ComicBase 10 Updaters


ComicBase 10.1 Update (7.27 MB)
Adds support for Atomic Avenue.


Report Engine Update
This is a set of fixes to the Crystal Reports print engine used by ComicBase, released by Crystal’s publisher, Business Objects. If you’re experiencing trouble when printing (crashes, weird behavior, etc.), try downloading and installing this updater. It does seem to fix a problem we’ve seen on some systems which causes ComicBase to shut down when printing price labels or comic identification labels.


Older Updaters


ComicBase 9.0.4 Update (22.6 MB)
Speeds up ComicBase Statistics, fixes a few assorted bugs, and improves Updater checking.
See the Update Notes for the full list of changes.

ComicBase 8.0.4 (Windows) Update (6.5 MB)
Adds command key shortcuts for text styles, and automatically reformats pasted title descriptions to match ComicBase style. Fixes a couple of glitches in the initial release, and adds new features suggested by customers at the ComicBase User's Group meeting in San Diego. Notably, issues you own are now highlighted in green, making them much easier to see in the lists. .

Picture Installer 3.0.2
(930 K)
*Only used by ComicBase 7 and earlier. ComicBase 8 users should use the File Menu's Manage Pictures and Movies command instead of the old Picture Installer program.

This utility copies files from the ComicBase CD and Bonus Disks to your hard drive so ComicBase can be run without having the CDs inserted. Replaces v3.0 (from the initial release of ComicBase 7) which would not always copy Image and Dark Horse pictures properly. If you are having trouble viewing Dark Horse or Image pictures from within ComicBase 7, try downloading this version of the installer and using it to reinstall the pictures from your ComicBase 7 Program Disk and/or Bonus Disk 2. ComicBase 7.0.1's new Manage Pictures command will also work for putting any misplaced pictures in the proper location.

Note to Windows XP users: If you have problems with the program seeming to stall while copying, chances are good that it's still working, but that the progress bar is not being updated. This appears to be a conflict between Windows XP and the development environment the Picture installer was written in, and we are seeking a solution. In the meantime, please give the program time to complete, or try running it under Windows 2000 compatibility mode by right-clicking on the Picture Installer icon and choosing "Compatibility" from the Properties menu that appears.

ComicBase 7.0.4 (Windows) Update (19.6 MB)
Includes various bug fixes, as well as adding new features such as a "Manage Pictures" command which automagically reorganizes your Pictures folder, resolving file names, adding file extensions, and more. It also includes lots of small improvements to everything from more detailed ad posting, to automatic incrementing of cover dates when you add new issues.

Sadly, this version also disables the "Sell Comics" feature, since eBay has changed their software in such a way that it makes it virtually impossible for third-party programs such as ComicBase to post ads to their site. eBay has, however, released new posting tools of their own (PC only). See for details.

Recommended for all users. Get the ComicBase 7 Reports Update as well, which lets you select whether cost is included on Basic and Detailed Price List reports

ComicBase 6.0.4 (Win) Updater (6.4 MB)
Includes a long list of bug fixes and feature upgrades. See the Release Notes for the full list.

Comic Collector Converter 2.7
(2.7 MB)
Cleans up Comic Collector export files so that they can be imported more easily into ComicBase. The new version works with all versions of Comic Collector (including Comic Collector 1.0!), and includes revised documentation. See the documentation for the full details on this program.

ComicBase 5.0.5 (Win) Updater (3.56 MB)
Better keyboard/cursor handling when doing updates, as well as better tracking of updates when changing records by typing into the Modify Issues screen.

Does a better job of handling Null and invalid date fields when importing and exporting. Also fixes a problem importing/exporting custom fields whose names are very long. Also adds an assortment of bug fixes and new features to ComicBase, including revised reports, new keyboard shortcuts, and various program changes. The updater contains a full list of changes.

ComicBase 4.0.5 (Win) Updater (1.2 MB)
Note: Same as ComicBase 4.0.4, except it now gives a better message when asking if you're upgrading from ComicBase 3, when first using the new program. The updated version will still bear the version number "4.0.4"

Works with ComicBase 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.0.3, or 4.0.4. Adds a "Duplicate" button to Modify Issues, includes several small bug fixes, and cosmetic changes. See the ComicBase 4.0.4 release notes for the full list of changes. Uses a new updating technology from MindVision which allows it to automatically detect the version of ComicBase you have installed and do the appropriate updating.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you download and install the ComicBase 4 System Files Update if you are updating to ComicBase 4.0.4 or later from a previous version. If you have installed ComicBase 4.0.4 or later from the CD, you do not need to run the system files update.

ComicBase 4 Reports Updater (76 K)
Previously included with the ComicBase 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 updaters. Not necessary if you've already run the reports updater as part of those updates.

Updates the ComicBase Price List report to fix a bug on the price list report which repeated the Year 1 price as Year 4 when generating a detailed price list report.

ComicBase 3.1 (Win) Update (1.7 MB)
This is special-purpose update for people who wish to use their ComicBase 3 after ComicBase 4 (or its demo) has been installed. This update is necessary since several system files needed for ComicBase 4 are incompatible with previous versions of ComicBase. The update also fixes movie play with Windows 98.

ComicBase 3.0.6 (Win) Update (2.3 MB)
Adds support for foreign currency reporting, adds support for DC's #1,000,000 issues, makes navigating between titles easier, speeds data entry, and fixes bugs in Find Comics and report printing. Other improvements as well. This release includes fixes to an obscure import situation, more robust handling of improperly entered issue numbers, and a fix to the auto-issue update introduced in the last build.

ComicBase 3.0.3 (Win) Update (1.3 MB)
Adds in many new features such as foreign currency conversion; improves issue entry, importing and finding comics; and fixes a few key bugs. Recommended for all users. Full Release Notes